Hi, I'm Hana. I empower women through Yoga and mindset to live a life they love with ease and flow 

Mum, Yoga teacher and teacher trainer, lover of cosy jumpers, floaty dresses and tea. I am so happy you have found your way here! 

My Story

I am sure most people imagine that Yoga teachers live a stress free, carefree life. This was not always the case for me!

I once attended a training course with a teacher I admired who said ‘Yoga teachers these days are running themselves ragged, it is completely out of line of what real yoga is’
My first reaction was anger. Being a Yoga teacher IS a real job and my full-time job, some of us don’t have the luxury of not working hard. I was proud of the business I had worked so hard to create. 
Fast forward years later, I realized I was angry at this because it was true. Secretly I was completely exhausted! I am the main income earner in my family and after having my little boy I knew things needed to change. I have always been good at holding things together on the outside in terms of teaching but on the inside and at home I felt drained. My body was full of aches and pains, my hair was falling out and my personal relationships were suffering. I was pouring from an empty cup for too long.
I still needed and wanted success in my yoga business and wanted to be an amazing Mum, but it was costing me my wellbeing. I felt like I didn’t even have time to think!


‘Having it all’ is not the same as literally doing it all yourself!

I grew up in the generation of women where we were told “you can have it all” but having it all is not the same as quite literally doing it all. Through my years of experience teaching yoga to busy working women, I saw them juggling full time jobs and career goals with family life with barely a moment's breath. Taking care of themselves is often last on the list. 
Ginger Rogers said “I do everything a man does only backwards and high heels” I used to love this quote. But now I see this quote resembling silently working harder than anyone else and being everything to everyone. 
I realised that doing everything myself ‘backwards and in high heels’ wasn’t important to me or something to be proud of. I would rather live a life of ease, flow and abundance. 
So, I worked on my mindset and looked deeply into my personal yoga practices. I reconsidered what was truly helpful and supportive to me in my life. I restructured my business to one that allowed me to find the balance I needed in life. Through this process I discovered that when I love and care for myself first, this magically reflects in my relationships, life choices and goals. Ease and abundance comes when we fill our own pots and take care of own needs, even when it seems there is no time! This in itself created transformation in my life. 

Are you ready live a life with more ease, flow?  

It is now my mission to share these practices with women and empower them to integrate these yoga and mindset practices in a manageable and realistic way.

With my 17 years’ experience as a Yoga teacher and teacher trainer I have merged my expertise of classical Yoga practices and philosophy, women’s Yoga therapy and mindset to create bespoke courses and trainings. I offer nourishing and supportive Yoga asana and positive mindset skills to allow for true and lasting transformation. 

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Hana is a Yoga teacher and teacher trainer with over 17 years’ experience. She merges her expertise of classical Yoga practices and philosophy, women’s Yoga therapy, somatic movement and mindset to create bespoke courses and trainings.

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Yoga Teacher Training


Empower yourself and embark on a transformative journey with my Yoga Teacher Training. Find your most authentic voice as a teacher and expand in ways you would never imagine! 

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Join a group of like-minded women in a friendly and supportive group programme. Weekly live sessions, pre recorded material including asana, pranayama, Yoga nidra, chant and mindset tools. strategy.  


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Private Yoga Classes


Receive undivided attention, support and accountability. We will create a practice together that meets you exactly where you are physically, emotionally and energetically. Let me know your hopes and goals and we will work together to create  success with ease. 

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Free session- WEdnesday 1st May 7pm GMT

Women's Yoga Circle:

 Prana in Yoga Yoga means life force. It's said to be an energy that can be found everywhere and in everything. Feeling drained out, overwhelmed and exhausted is a big sign there is more 'Prana' on the outside than the inside. In this session we look at how the practice of Yoga can be used to restore our balance of prana, creating more ease, flow and abundance in our lives

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An introduction to Prana: Balancing our energy to create more ease, flow and abundance.


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