Private Yoga sessions are the best way to get exactly what you need from your practice on any given day, rain or shine. Reconnect with your best and truest self in body and mind. With my undivided support and attention, I will be there with you every step of the way. 

Private Yoga
 in North London and online

The Ultimate self care

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Imagine yourself with a private Yoga practice that meets you where you are and supports you in anyway you wish. 

Envision the best version of yourself—stronger, healthier, balanced, and rested. Imagine how you would feel if you took excellent care of yourself and enjoying every minute!  In the radical act of caring for ourselves first, all manner of things become possible.  It's time to reclaim your time, your body, your well-being.

Fill your cup and let yourself thrive! 

Give back to yourself

Have you been putting your self care in the back seat? 

  • Do you find yourself constantly putting others needs before yours? Caring for everyone but yourself?

  • Have you been ignoring your body and wellbeing but feel too busy or tired to do anything about it? 

  • Or you would like to go to a regular Yoga class but there is something stopping you. Maybe the time, location, an injury or feeling unsure about the class or teacher. 

If you can relate to any of the above I know exactly how you feel.

Being a busy Mum and main income earner in my family, I know first hand how precious time for yourself really is. I know the weight you carry on your shoulders. I also know that when we love and care for ourselves first, life becomes a whole lot lighter! 

'I have made some massive achievements that I could only do with Hana's help guidance and patience' 

-Annie Hall

'I have been working with Hana for 3-4 years and I feel that I have made some massive achievements that I could only do with Hana's help guidance and patience. Its taught me a lot in how I look at my day to day life, how I look after myself and how I am kind to myself. Its really worth sticking to and the benefits are phenomenal' 


I offer my private Yoga classes and programs online via Zoom and in person in North and Central London. 

Online sessions work brilliantly and just as well as in person sessions. I have many long term clients that do not live locally that I see on a regular basis thanks to the magic of online availability! 

Private Yoga with Hana 

Bespoke Yoga programmes, online and in-person (North/central London) 

A tailor made private Yoga program designed to cater to your individual needs and empower you to thrive! Whether it be to gain strength and flexibility, or to destress, heal and soothe your nervous system I am here to help you reclaim your wellbeing. Drawing from my extensive knowledge of classical yoga, women's Yoga therapy, and somatic movement, this program will acknowledge and honor your unique journey, meeting you wherever you are in your life's cycle.

Private Yoga Online or in North London

Practice at a Time that suits you

The beauty of one to one classes is that we can practice at the time that suits you. No time spent travelling to and from classes. All you need is 1 hour a week at a time that suits you. 

Tailor made sequencing 

I will create tailor made classes to suit your body and individual situation on any given day. Whether you have injures or are dealing with the ups and downs of life, I will use my 17 years + experience in teaching yoga to create session that meet you and supports you exactly where you are. 

Fine tuning, precision and progress

With my undivided attention, I will ensure that every posture you do is practiced safely and in a way that gives you maximum benefit. There is plenty of time for questions and I hope for you build huge confidence in your knowledge and understanding of your body and the practices we do. 

Accountability and support

I will be there for you each and every class, rain or shine! Having this consistency in your practice is invaluable and it ensures you fully receive all the benefits Yoga has to offer. I am also happy to help build your very own home practice to do between sessions if you wish. 

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Why Private Yoga is for you

 "I cannot express enough my gratitude to you for helping me find my way back to Yoga."

- Tanya Grieg

Everything you suggested, encouraged or led seemed to be the perfect 'next thing to do' Exceptionally grateful and definitely motivated' 

 "Each week Hana challenges me to push myself a little further and I am amazed at what my body can do."

- Victoria Croft

 I have suffered from back problems for quite some time and Yoga has helped strengthen my muscles and ease some of the tension and niggles. Without a doubt I highly recommend Hana as a private instructor for anyone looking for a personal approach.

 "Hana just knew what I needed each day intuitively. I think that’s just priceless"

 She was in tune and she could read what was happening. I always felt so much lighter afterwards and that whatever I had come in with me had left me.


 "Hana has an incredible talent to offer a
tailored class and adjusts each week accordingly."

- Claire Jackson

I have been practicing with Hana for over 10 years. Through Hana's classes I feel comfortable and accepting of myself and my body as I get older as inevitably my body is changing. It has definitely has helped with my overall wellbeing.  

How It Works

Step one

Book a free consultation to see how Yoga can best support you and if we are a good fit

Step 2

Book in your first introductory session or opt for a private Yoga package of your choice. 

Step 3

We will book in the dates and times that are best for you and officially start your private yoga programme!

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Book Your Consultation

If you are  ready to take this next step towards your self care then book in a free 20 minute online consultation. I would love to hear from you and figure out how we can create a Yoga practice that gives you exactly what you need. Looking forward to speaking with you soon! 

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Introductory session

60 min Introductory session online 


3 Month
Private Yoga Package 

3 Month
Private Yoga Package 

Online via Zoom 

Online Via Zoom 


13 private 60 minute sessions online via zoom

13 private 60 minute sessions in your home or workplace

Personalised Home practice sequences 

Personalised Home practice sequences 

Recordings of sessions on request 


Best price! 

Introductory Session 

60 minute introductory session

in person


In Person


Hands on Yoga assists, Lavender oil & singing bowl if requested 

At your home or workplace

At your home or workplace in North/Central London 

All classes held online via Zoom. 

Online via Zoom 

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Hi, I’m Hana, I’m a Mum, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, lover of cosy jumpers, floaty dresses and tea!

I love my job. But to be completely honest I have experienced times of exhaustion, burnout and getting trapped in the daily juggle. Through my years as a Yoga teacher, it was clear I wasn’t alone with this, especially as a woman, mother and main income earner.

The solution for me was changing my yoga practice to one that supported and nourished me from the inside out. I integrated positive mindset tools. I realised that when I love and care for myself first, this magically reflects in my relationships, life choices and goals.

I now use my experience to help women through the practice of Yoga to live a life they love with more ease and flow. 

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Hana is a Yoga teacher and teacher trainer with over 17 years’ experience. She is a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor (regulated by Ofqual) and Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She merges her expertise of classical Yoga practices and philosophy, women’s Yoga therapy, somatic movement and mindset to create bespoke courses and trainings. 

Official BIo:


Linda the found the strength and confidence to practice her first headstand!

Carol took her first introductory session 5 years ago and hasn't looked back. 

'I have never had such an incredible Yoga experience.
Hana is a fantastic teacher and really forensic in her corrections. I have really learnt so much about my body and how to practice Yoga in more fulfilling way and Hana is such a lovely soul, she really is'  

Victoria learnt how to modify her postures for her wrist and back. 

Hana has a real gift to understanding peoples body. I have problems with my back and my wrists and she has really been able to understand whats going on in my body and helped me modify. She is really down to earth in her practice, but she also really knows her stuff. 

- Linda Davidson

- Victoria Brookbank

'My core strength has developed and I feel more toned in my legs and my body. Wheather in person or online Hana always notices every small movement and correction and her advice for all the small niggles we get is absolutely brilliant. I can't recommend her highly enough'

- Carol Tullo

I am a complete beginner, are these classes suitable? 

I cannot commit to a 3 month package, do you do single classes? 

Absolutely! Private Yoga classes are ideal for getting the best start to your Yoga practice. We go go at your pace and build up week by week. There is plenty of time for questions too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the classes and where do they take place? 

Classes are 60 minutes each with approximately 15 min extra for conversation if you have time! I see most of my private clients online via Zoom but I am also happy to offer in person classes within 45 min travel distance from N18 (by public transport) In person classes can take place in your home or work place. 

What equipment do I need? 

Advance payment is necessary to book and confirm your classes. I ask for 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule a class. If you do reschedule, the class must be taken within the time scale of the package or within a month. If less than 24 hours notice is given the class is non refundable and non transferable. 

What are your terms and cancelation policy? 

You will need a Yoga mat, 2 yoga bricks and a belt. I can advise which brands are best and send you an amazon link for these if requested. 

I have an injury/ condition at the moment is it suitable? 

In most cases Yoga can help to rehabilitate injures and keep the rest of the body fit and strong. I am always happy to modify with props and create the class to best serve your individual circumstances. I am also happy to communicate and work together with other body workers such as osteopaths and physiotherapists. 

I am pregnant or recently had a baby are these classes suitable? 

I am a qualified Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga teacher and Women's Yoga Therapist, so I am more than happy to assit you through yoga during these times. . 

Can I share my private classes with a friend? 

The majority of my clients have been and are women, but I am also very happy to offer private Yoga to men. 

Are these private classes only for women? 

Yes I am happy to offer private group classes. Please get in touch regarding my rates for this. 

From my years experience of teaching and practicing Yoga, I know that to truly experience the benefits and make a lasting impact on your body and wellbeing, a regular practice is essential.

I offer an introductory class if you would like to try it out before committing.  I do offer one off classes to previous long term clients a a refresher or if you have special circumstances. Please get in touch regarding my rates for this. 

If you still have questions about private yoga with me feel free to get in touch! I would love to hear from you! 


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Yours in Yoga 
Hana xx

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

- Sarah

“I mean, there are basically no words! My business has totally changed!”




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