Nourishing and supportive Yoga and mindset strategies that bring you home to your own true heart. 

Imagine life feeling a whole lot easier and lighter. Imagine feeling connected and aligned with your truest self.

When we find refuge from the daily grind to love, care and listen to ourselves it holds the magic to transform all manner of things. 

I'm Hana, Yoga teacher, teacher trainer and Mum. Through my 17 years of teaching I have supported hundreds of women to make peace with their bodies and feel empowered through the practice of yoga. 

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Yoga is a call to remember who you really are beneath all the roles and responsibilities you hold.

Have you been putting yourself self care in the back seat because it will take time away from your family and career goals?

Have you been ignoring your body and deep down worried what your inner critic could say should you pay attention to it?

Are you trapped in the everyday grind of life and somehow lost sight of your personal goals and dreams?

Taking care of yourself can bring you back home to who you truly are. 

Envision yourself feeling grounded, centred and ready to face daily life with renewed energy and clarity. Envision yourself happy, healthy and creating a life you love without getting burnt out.

This is entirely possible!

With my 17 years’ experience as a Yoga teacher and teacher trainer, I have merged my expertise of classical Yoga practices and philosophy, women’s Yoga therapy, and mindset tools to create bespoke courses and trainings.

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Annie Hall  

 It's taught me a lot in how I look at my day to day life, how I look after myself and how I am kind to myself. Its really worth sticking to and the benefits are phenomenal' 

 "I have made some massive achievements that I could only do with Hana's help guidance and patience."

Yoga Teacher Training


Empower yourself and embark on a transformative journey with my Yoga Teacher Training. Find your most authentic voice as a teacher and expand in ways you would never imagine! 

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Women's Yoga Membership


Join a group of like-minded women in a friendly and supportive group programme. Weekly live sessions, pre recorded material including asana, pranayama, Yoga nidra, chant and mindset tools. strategy.  


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Private Yoga Classes


Receive undivided attention, support and accountability. We will create a practice together that meets you exactly where you are physically, emotionally and energetically. Let me know your hopes and goals and we will work together to create  success with ease. 

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"Hana's in depth knowledge about movement and yoga philosophy gives a truly personalised yoga class experience"

Ilze Skendere - Finacial planning and Yoga teacher 

Having done many of Hana's classes, courses and teacher training, I feel she is one of the best teachers around.  Her class helps me to relax and become even more positive about the week ahead

"Hana has an ethos rooted in self-care and awareness"

I feel supported, cared for and encouraged. I have never been to a more inclusive, supportive, and accessible class. You're in safe hands with Hana. Plus she never neglects time to relax and wind down at the end of the class. She's a yoga Nidra goddess!

Alison Ballard - Artist  

Hi, I’m Hana, I’m a Mum, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, lover of cosy jumpers, floaty dresses and tea!

I love my job. But to be completely honest I have experienced times of exhaustion, burnout and getting trapped in the daily juggle. Through my years as a Yoga teacher, it was clear I wasn’t alone with this, especially as a woman, mother and main income earner.

The solution for me was changing my yoga practice to one that supported and nourished me from the inside out. I integrated positive mindset tools. I realised that when I love and care for myself first, this magically reflects in my relationships, life choices and goals.

I now use my experience to help women through yoga and positive mindset to live a life they love with more ease and flow. 

About me
Join our friendly community of like minded women. Receive regular doses of nourishing and supportive yoga practices and empowering mindset strategies. 


 Instagram is my virtual cozy corner for what I'm up to. Let's connect and hope to see you there!