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Top 3 Myths about Becoming a Yoga Teacher

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I’m Hana.
Yoga teacher and teacher trainer, London Mum and lover of tea! I am here to help you create more ease and flow in life through the transformative of power Yoga and mindset. 
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One of the most common things I hear people say regarding Yoga teacher training is ‘I don’t feel ready yet’  I am all too familiar with this feeling!

Every time I take a new course or even do something new, this feeling that I won’t be good enough, or I will be out of depth sneaks up on me.

Over the years I have learnt that this feeling might be trying to keep me safe, but if I listened to it I would never grow. I honestly would’t have done half the things I have done if I waited until I felt ready, including becoming a Yoga Teacher! 

So with this in mind, I wanted to reveal to you my top 3 myths about joining Yoga Teacher Training. 

Myth 1. A Yoga teacher must know how to do advanced postures.

This might come as a surprise to you but the truth is you do not need to be super flexible or strong. You do not need to be able to do a headstand, splits or anything near it.

The emphasis on any good quality teacher training would be about learning to teach yoga to real everyday people. This means learning about basic alignment principles in the basic Yoga postures. Also learning how to modify postures to make your classes accessible to all.

You probably only need to worry about advanced postures if you are planning on coaching the next team for the Yoga Olympics!

Myth 2. A Yoga teacher must be young, beautiful, vegan and wear trendy Yoga gear. 

You can become a successful Yoga teacher at absolutely any age. On my courses I have have students from their early 20’s to late 60’s.

Probably your body size or appearance is way more important to you than any of your potential Yoga students.

You will also be pleased to know that as a Yoga teacher you can wear whatever you like! I teach wearing jogging bottoms and a woolly jumper on a regular basis. But you can wear Yoga gear if you like, anything goes.

Regarding diet, I am vegetarian myself, but just so you know, they had real sausage rolls at the British Wheel of Yoga Course Tutors meeting last time! 

Myth 3. Becoming a Yoga teacher means you will need to become a different person.

This is a big one. Coming from a background in professional dance, I grew up with a host of teachers who were way up there on the pedal stool. They were like royalty, they were unapproachable. They held in their hands (what felt like at the time) the power to ‘make’ or break you! 

In contrast to this, one of my first Yoga teachers was just a normal lady (thank goodness!) She was friendly, kind and down to earth. She spoke to me in exactly the same way in a Yoga class as she would do whilst having a cup of tea together. She was just her very normal self. It was this and her unconditionally positive support in my practice that had an incredible impact on my life and inspired me to teach in the way I do. 

So the truth is to become a good Yoga teacher, you don’t need to put on a performance as a perfect Yoga Guru. You can be your usual friendly self and let the Yoga do the rest.

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I first came across Yoga whilst in professional dance training and over the years I soon discovered it was my true calling to work in the community as a Yoga teacher. Fast forward 17 years and it has been my full time profession that has supported me both energetically and financially to live a life I love. 

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Hi, I'm Hana, Full time Yoga teacher and teacher trainer of 17 years experience, London Mum and Lover of Tea! 

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